Governance, Board Succession and Remuneration Committee Meeting

13 May 2014 – 11.30am

Via Teleconference


Cheryl Langdon-Orr (Chair), Julie Hammer, Chris Disspain, Paul Levins, Graham McDonald, Paul Szyndler, Joe Manariti, Jo Lim



1. Agenda

The circulated agenda was accepted.

2. Previous Minutes

  • The Committee noted the 5 December 2013 minutes which had been Committee and Board approved via email and published.

3. Matters arising

The completed action items from the last meeting were noted.  The following action items were updated/carried forward:

  • CD – forward draft CEO KPI’s for 14/15 to Governance Committee - Pending based on current Operational Plan with placeholder for review post Strategic Plan meeting in Dec 14
  • CLO – set date for CEO review meeting - Review meeting based on 13/14 KPI’s was done in Dec 13; New Remuneration Committee meeting to be scheduled during the August Board Meeting to hold 13/14 CEO end-of-year review and, if necessary, to discuss and finalise the 14/15 KPI’s (pending see above)

4.  Review of Outstanding Action Items

Government Relations protocols:

  • Paul Szyndler gave a summary update of the protocols work in progress and noted no further progress or update had been received from the Department.  This item will now be held over as an AI until the Department has prepared their Strategic Planning and we will await next step from the Department.  PS will maintain a watching brief on this and other Department matters including International Engagement and will bring updates to the Committee as received. 
  • PS will prepare a brief summary of his reporting given to the meeting on Department relations and Protocols/AOC proposal and update on engagement with our auIGF.

Board Performance Reporting: 

  • The results and draft comments on the 2013 Board Performance Self-Assessment were discussed.  It was agreed the summary document with associated recommendations would now be finalised for submission to the Board at the June 2014 meeting.

5.  New Business/Updates

There was no new business.

6.  Any Other Business - NA

There was no other business.

7.  Action Items

  • CD – forward CEO KPI’s for 14/15 to CLO. 
  • CLO – schedule time for CEO review meeting with Remuneration Committee on Aug 25th 
  • CD/PS/PL – Interaction with Department of Communications:  Prepare draft AoC framework document including auDA/Government relations history.  Ongoing item. PS to provide short briefing paper.
  • JH/JM – update comments on 2013 Board Performance Assessment and finalise document for submission as a Board Paper
  • ALL - review final version of Board Paper on 2013 Board Performance Assessment before distribution to the Board with the June Board Papers

8. Next Meeting

  • The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 11 June 2014 at 12noon via teleconference.