Strategic Risk Committee Meeting Minutes

30 April 2012

Julie Hammer (Chair), Paul Levins, Dwayne Varey, Josh Rowe, George Pongas, Chris Disspain, Jo Lim, Jacki O’Sullivan (Minutes)

Kartic Srinivasan

1.    Risk Management Process
•    The AusRegistry Risk Management Process format was considered a suitable basis for auDA’s use and minor amendments to the Matrices were made to the tables to adapt it
•    It was noted a DDOS attack would be the most catastrophic event and would have the most financial impact.  Technical, legal, reputational & staff operational risks were noted as the other main risks.
•    Jo Lim will update the wording and agreed amounts & re-circulate the final version of the Risk Management Process to the Committee for confirmation.

2.    Environmental Scan Report
•    The Environmental Scan Report was reviewed in depth and the list of Issues finalised.  Risks associated with each Issue were reviewed and some new risks identified, discussed and recorded.
•    The report will be updated and re-circulated to the Committee.
•    Following agreement by the Committee, auDA staff will compile proposed treatments.**

3.    Next meeting
•    The next meeting date is yet to be confirmed.

**Chair’s Note: After further discussion with staff, the next step for the Strategic Risk Committee will be to evaluate all identified risks in accordance with the agreed Risk Management Process and propose appropriate treatments.