Strategic Risk Committee Meeting Minutes

14 August 2012 – 10.00am

Julie Hammer (Chair), George Pongas, Josh Rowe, Paul Levins, Chris Disspain, Jo Lim, Adam King, Jacki O’Sullivan (Minutes)

Dwayne Varey, Kartic Srinivasan

•    Meeting held to continue the review & work on the auDA Strategic Risk Log.
•    As agreed at the last meeting, actions were input in the risk log by auDA staff and circulated prior to the meeting for Committee review.
•    Each action was reviewed at the meeting with CD & JL summarising reasons for amendments/actions entered as required.  Some further amendments were made to the document during the meeting as agreed by the Committee.  It was also agreed auDA staff would update the log with other agreed wording changes and recirculate the final document to the Committee.
•    It was noted the Committee will need to decide how often the risk log as a whole is reviewed to ascertain whether any additional risks need to be added, how regularly the risk mitigation actions need to be monitored and reported, and the required on-going reporting procedure ie; should reports be sent to the auDA Board for review or should the Committee review and forward recommendations/updates only to the auDA Board.  It was noted the other columns in the risk log are for future review.
•    PL noted he would like the Committee to review the reports with a Committee update only being sent to the auDA Board.  JH agreed.
•    JH asked if auDA had a formal HR/Succession plan.  CD/JL advised there is currently no formal document.  It was agreed staff & Committee would think further about compiling a document to capture the culture & philosophy of auDA operations/HR/succession planning.
•    Next step is to focus on formalising a Risk Action Plan and documenting what needs to be monitored and reported.

•    JL to update risk log with agreed wording changes and recirculate final document to the Committee.
•    CD/JL to go through and extract actions to be completed/identify what is currently being done and circulate prior to and for discussion at next meeting.

Next meeting
•    The next meeting will be held Tuesday 2 October at 2.00pm via teleconference.  Note; Melbourne based members are also invited to attend in person in the office.