Strategic Risk Committee Meeting Minutes

13 November 2012 – 10.00am

Julie Hammer (Chair), George Pongas, Josh Rowe, Kartic Srinivasan, Chris Disspain, Jo Lim, Adam King, Jacki O’Sullivan (Minutes)

Dwayne Varey, Paul Levins

•    The Chair provided a summary status of the Strategic Risk Committee activities to date and noted the Environmental Scan Report needs to be reissued and the name reassessed.
•    The Chair asked the Committee for their comments on the updated risk log.  There were no further comments and the updated Risk Log was accepted by the Committee as the final copy.
•    Purpose of this meeting is to assess and develop a reporting framework against the action list and determine the form of the documentation to be presented to the Board for approval or information at the December Board meeting.
•    It was agreed columns would be added to the Risk Actions list of ‘Audience’ and ‘Frequency’ and all pages should be marked ‘Board in Confidence’.
•    The Committee agreed that some actions would be reviewed/reported on a 4 monthly frequency, ie; every 4 months rather than quarterly, to align with scheduled Board meeting dates.
•    The Risk actions were agreed and updated in the document and the Committee agreed JH/JL/JOS should finalise the document.  The CEO advised he would pass the document to the auDA Chair.
•    It was agreed the final document would be approved on the ‘Directors’ list with an ‘in camera’ meeting without observers held if required.  If a discussion is required, a meeting will be scheduled prior to the Board meeting on 10/12/12 or following the Board induction on 11/12/12.
•    It was noted that Committee members would need to be revised for 2013 due to retirement of Dwayne Varey from the Board.
•    The Chair thanked the Committee for their work during the year.

•    JH/JOS - Add columns to the Risk Codes and Actions list of ‘Audience’ and ‘Frequency’ and mark all pages with ‘Board in Confidence’.
•    JH/JOS – finalise document for circulating & approval via the ‘Directors’ list.
•    CD – pass document to the auDA Chair.

Next meeting
•    TBD.
•    Dates for 2013 Strategic Risk meetings will be finalised when auDA Board meeting dates are set.