Strategic Risk Committee Meeting Minutes

22 April 2013 – 9.30am

Julie Hammer (Chair), George Pongas, Josh Rowe, Kartic Srinivasan, Erhan Karabardak, Chris Disspain, Jo Lim, Jacki O’Sullivan (Minutes)

Adam King

•    The Committee approved the 18 February 2013 meeting minutes be submitted to the auDA Board on 22 April for approval for publication.
•    The action log was reviewed and updated.
•    The Committee discussed how to monitor risk actions and in what form information and reports should be received to minimise an unnecessarily large workload for auDA staff. 
•    It was suggested a traffic light status system be assigned to the scheduled risk actions, accompanied by verbal or written reports, which may in some circumstances be exception reports.   The Chair will work with JL to propose an appropriate traffic light system to the Committee.  The Committee agreed to finalise the traffic light and reporting processes via the email list and discussed reporting requirements for each specific risk action.
•    JH and CD advised that the Governance Committee had discussed various options and requirements for a Board/Committee document repository.  The Committee agreed that this task would more logically lie with the Risk Committee as most confidential and sensitive documents will be related our work. The Risk Chair agreed to discuss the matter with the Governance Chair.
•    The Committee agreed an item should be included on the June auDA Board agenda under Board Committee Updates, for the Board to discuss how the Risk Committee should interact with the Board and other Committees for risks where the prime monitoring responsibility does not lie with the Risk Committee.

•    JOS – update and send action log within 1 week.
•    JL/JH – develop a traffic light and reporting system to propose to the Committee.
•    Committee – agree/finalise the traffic light and reporting system processes via the email list.
•    CD/JL – Disaster Recovery Plan: compile a template and advise Committee on suggested reporting timelines.
•    CD/JL – Data Escrow/back up arrangements: compile a template and advise Committee on suggested reporting timelines.
•    CD/AK - “handover brief” for technical management of .au ccTLD:  documented brief to be completed by end of year and filed in Board/Committee document repository.
•    CD/JL - send auDA Staff Roles and Responsibilities document to the Risk Committee for information and the Governance Committee to assist in review of Succession Planning.
•    JH – Board/Committee document repository:  JH discuss Risk Committee taking carriage of this task from Governance Committee with CLO.
•    JOS – add item to June auDA Board agenda under Committee updates “Risk Committee interaction with the Board and other Committees.”

Next meeting
•    Monday 17 June 2013 – 2.00pm AEST (in person at auDA office)