Demand Class Directors: Call for nominations

Call for Nominations: Demand Class Directors - Casual Vacancies

Download:  Position Description - auDA Demand Class Director (.pdf)

.au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA), the policy authority and industry self-regulatory body for the .au domain space, is seeking nominations for two (2) Demand Class Director casual vacancies.

Nominations may be submitted by all persons, including members, however we are particularly interested to hear from auDA’s demand class members.

auDA plays a key role in ensuring the stability and security of the .au name space. The auDA Board is committed to delivering positive outcomes for the millions of people who rely on the .au domain space, its membership, and its staff. 

Endorsed by the Australian Government to administer the .au domain space, and recognised by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) as the suitable operator for .au, the role of auDA is to:

  • develop and implement domain name policy;
  • license 2LD registry operators;
  • accredit and license registrars;
  • implement consumer safeguards;
  • facilitate .au Dispute Resolution Policy;
  • represent .au at ICANN and other international forums;
  • technical management of the .au zone file, and;
  • manage and maintain a secure and stable Domain Name System.

The Board is made up of 11 non-executive directors, plus the CEO. Four member-elected directors are from the Supply side (providers), and four member-elected directors are from the Demand side (users). The three Independent directors are not elected by members.

auDA is an equal opportunity organisation.

Selection Criteria

Applicants with demonstrable experience in the following areas are particularly encouraged to nominate:

  • Company director experience
  • Understanding of the .au namespace and the requirements and expectations of the Australian digital community. Awareness of the domain name system (DNS) and its consumer application would be desirable.
  • Governance experience – in particular applicable to a dynamic, rapidly changing, public purpose organisation,
  • Knowledge or relevant experience in the internet domain space, internet and modern technology
  • Experience in multi-stakeholder, policy or regulation environments
  • Experience as a member of a Board Finance, Audit & Risk or Compliance committee
  • Strategic expertise – auDA faces a rapidly expanding and changing global environment for internet domain operations – the ability to understand multi-dimensional parameters and to position for multiple possible outcomes is critical. 
  • Relevant tertiary, professional and governance qualifications (including successful completion of the AICD company directors course) 

Cultural fit 

The following ethical principles are the foundation of the professional standards of corporate governance for auDA:

  • Respect the rights and autonomy of the individual
  • Advance the common good
  • Cause no harm 

In addition, the key values upheld by representatives of auDA are: 

  • Practice in a safe, competent and accountable manner;
  • Strive for standards of excellence;
  • Respect the confidentiality, privacy and security of information;
  • Communicate and co-operate with colleagues and relevant agencies in the best; interests of their members and the wider community;
  • Act in a manner which maintains the good standing of auDA.


Personal Qualities


  • Integrity – fulfilling a Director’s duties and responsibilities, putting the organisations’ interests before personal interests, acting ethically;
  • Curiosity and courage –the curiosity to ask questions and the courage to persist in asking or to challenge management and fellow board members where necessary;
  • Interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a collegial team – work well in a group, listen well, be tactful but able to communicate their point of view frankly;
  • Genuine interest in the organisation and its business;
  • Instinct – good business instincts and acumen, ability to get to the crux of the issue quickly;
  • An active contributor.


Time Requirement

8 to 10 Board meetings are held annually, and Directors are expected to spend at least three to four hours in preparation as a minimum commitment. Board meetings may be conducted in a face to face environment or via video conferencing, and require a full day commitment.

Term* & Remuneration

Elected auDA directors are appointed for a term of 2 years. Directors filling a casual vacancy are appointed for the remainder of the term of office of the Director who created the vacancy under Clause 19.7 of auDA’s Constitution. Directors filling a Casual Vacancy may stand for election at the next applicable AGM.

auDA Demand Class Directors currently receive $1,000 per Directors meeting as a stipend for their contribution and are also deemed employees under several pieces of legislation. The stipend is inclusive of superannuation that is paid in accordance with superannuation guarantee legislation. Directors are not entitled to claim annual leave, sick leave or other entitlements. Reasonable travel expenses will be covered in accordance with the Travel Policy and the Non-Executive Director Expense Policy.

* auDA is currently subject to a review by the Department of Communications and the Arts (DoCA). The outcome of this review may have an impact on auDA’s future governance model and the expectations placed on auDA Directors. Further information can be found at the DoCA webpage on the Review of Australia’s .au domain management. In addition, any proposed changes to the structure and governance of auDA are expected to be published on the auDA website.

Membership of auDA is not strictly necessary for nominees seeking to become Directors.

Applicants will be required to submit to the usual probity checks expected of public company Directors.

Submit your nomination

Nominations highlighting applicant suitability can be sent via email to:

Mr Hasaka Martin, Company Secretary of auDA

The closing date for applications is 4.00pm (Melbourne time) 17 April 2018