Membership Application

Membership Application

To apply for auDA membership, please proceed to the auDA Online Membership Application and follow the instructions for lodgement.  Please note that memberships will not be submitted to the auDA Board of Directors until payment is received.

Alternatively; please download and complete the auDA Membership Application Form and follow the instructions for lodgement. Please note that the form must be accompanied by payment of the membership entrance fee.

Applications for membership must be approved by the auDA Board (see clause 9.9 of the auDA Constitution). On receipt of your completed application form and entrance fee, your application will be submitted to the auDA Board of Directors for approval, at the next scheduled Board meeting.

Please Note: Cut-off for receipt of application and payment for submission to next scheduled Board meeting is 7 calendar days prior.  Applications and payments received after the cut-off date will be submitted to the following scheduled Board meeting.

If for any reason your membership application is rejected, the entrance fee will be refunded in full.

When your membership has been approved, your name will be added to the list of auDA members.

If you have trouble accessing the membership application form, or you have any questions about the process, please contact