Membership Code of Conduct

As part of auDA’s commitment to providing a better membership experience, all new members will be asked to read and comply with a professional code of conduct which supports the values of our organisation.

Code of Conduct Agreement:

  1. As a member, I will treat those I engage with as part of my membership; equally, respectfully and without prejudice
  2. As a member, I recognise my responsibility to refrain from any form of harassment, bullying, hostility or personal victimisation of auDA staff, Directors or other members, in public or online forums
  3. As a member, I will not make any defamatory or slanderous remarks, using foul or abusive language or intimidating behaviour toward auDA staff, Directors, consultants working for auDA or other members
  4. In any forum, including in the media, where acting as an auDA member or identifiable as an auDA member, I will conduct myself in a manner that will not bring the organisation, Directors or staff, into disrepute.

In the opinion of the auDA Board, should there be a breach of any of the conditions outlined above, the auDA Board reserve the right to revoke membership rights and privileges.

Revocation of membership rights and privileges is subject to clause 13.3 of the Constitution.