This database is a listing of proceedings brought under the .au Dispute Resolution Policy.

Each proceeding is considered by a panel appointed by approved dispute resolution providers.

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Commence Date Decision Date Proceeding No Domain Name Outcome
28-10-2022 WIPO-DAU2022-0020
03-10-2022 WIPO-DAU2022-0024
28-09-2022 WIPO-DAU2022-0023
26-09-2022 WIPO-DAU2022-0022
23-09-2022 WIPO-DAU2022-0019
31-08-2022 RI-auDRP12/22
30-08-2022 WIPO-DAU2022-0018
24-08-2022 RI-auDRP09/22
23-08-2022 WIPO-DAU2022-0017
17-08-2022 19-09-2022 RI-auDRP11/22 Name Transfer