In 2022, we will be profiling .au members across a range of diverse industries and locations, to support virtual member networking.  ​​​​​​ 

This month, we hear from Verity White, Founder and Chief Contract Enthusiast at Checklist Legal on why she chose the .au and how to stay current on innovation and online trends.

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Can you tell us about your company/role? 

I’m Verity White, the Founder and Chief Contract Enthusiast at Checklist Legal. We are a boutique law firm, with a focus on legal design. We help women in business and law create contracts clients love. 

We are passionate about gender equality and empowering women to feel confident in their contracts. As part of our impact business model, we are donating at least 5 per cent of our time to support underserved femme founders who need a hand with their legal needs. This program is called Confident Contracts.  

Why do you choose .au? 

Credibility. You must have a registered ABN (or similar) to qualify for a domain. I’m also licenced to practice law in Australia, so for locality it just makes sense.  

I’m proud to be an Australian business. Why wouldn’t I want my business to be a part of this thriving part of the world?   

What economic and social value does the internet deliver to you? 

I started Checklist Legal in 2020 as a side hustle while still working my corporate law job. I found lockdown in Melbourne isolating so I joined the One Roof community. One Roof is a virtual community for female entrepreneurs. It helped me connect with like-minded women and made me feel less alone.  

Economically, more of my clients come from online interactions, not just from searching online or communities, but from speaking at virtual events too. Checklist Legal started off as a blog and now I’m able to work on the business full time and begin growing my team, so I wouldn’t be where I am today without the internet (thanks internet!). 

How do you stay current on innovation and online trends? 

I listen to a lot of podcasts and read lots of books. Daniel Susskind’s The End of Work is great. I’m a part of a subscription book club service called Next Big Idea Club and I attend a range of events in person and online. I just got back from Legal Innovation and Tech Fest in Sydney. I just love connecting with fellow lawyers passionate about contract design.  

If you could tell your fellow .au members one thing, what would it be? 

Get out into the business community and go to some events! Being a part of community and attending events helps you stay up to date and builds your network, which creates opportunity. As Australia and the world increases digital transformation, client connection is still so important. This connection doesn’t stop at your website, you need to take that energy right through with your clients, from start and to finish. And of course, I am biased but I think every business needs to redesign their contracts! 

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