Did you know the Internet has no single body or person that sets out how it operates? 

There is no single, central decision-making body for the Internet. Instead, the Internet is "governed" by a multi-stakeholder model.

Join us at our webinar with Pablo Hinojosa, Strategic Engagement Director of APNIC who will take us on a journey through the Internet's development and its governance.

What is APNIC?

APNIC is the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre, the Regional Internet Registry for the Asia Pacific region.

Its primary role is to provide Internet number resources (IPv4, IPv6 and ASNs) to its members in the Asia Pacific region.

About our speaker

As the Strategic Engagement Director with APNIC, Pablo Hinojosa is responsible for representing APNIC and managing relationships with governments, key intergovernmental and treaty organisations, and Internet related bodies.

What is multi-stakeholder Internet governance?

The multi-stakeholder approach sees governments, industry, the technical community and civil society all participate in decisions about the future of the Internet, recognising that all stakeholders have a valuable contribution to make.

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