2002-20 - Domain Renewal, Expiry and Deletion Policy

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Policy No: 2002-20
Publication Date: 04/07/2002
Status: Replaced by Policy 2002-28


1.1 This document sets out auDA's policy on the renewal, expiry and deletion of domain names in the open .au second level domains (2LDs). At the time of publication, the open 2LDs are asn.au, com.au, id.au, net.au and org.au.

1.2 This document does not detail the technical steps required to renew or delete a domain name. This information is contained in the registry's technical procedures manual, which is made available to all auDA accredited registrars.


2.1 This policy uses the following terms:

a) "expiry date" means the date that the domain name is due to expire, as recorded in the registry database;

b) "pending delete status" means that the domain name has been removed from the DNS (ie. is no longer visible on the Internet) but remains in the registry database and on the WHOIS database.


3.1 The domain name licence period is fixed at 2 years. This means that when a domain name is registered or renewed, it has a fixed expiry date 2 years from the date of registration of renewal. For example, if a domain name is registered or renewed on 1 January 2002, the expiry date is 1 January 2004.

3.2 Domain names may be renewed a maximum of 90 calendar days before the expiry date.

3.3 There is a 3 calendar day grace period during which a domain name registration can be deleted or a renewal cancelled immediately, and the fee refunded to the registrar.


4.1 The following procedure applies in the case of domain names that are not renewed on or before the expiry date, or are deleted at the request of the registrant:

a) domain name is removed from the DNS;

b) domain name enters pending delete status for 14 calendar days (see definition in paragraph 2.1);

c) domain name can be renewed whilst in pending delete status;

d) after 14 calendar days, domain name is randomly dropped within the next 7 calendar days and becomes available for registration.