2015 NNP Meeting - 12 November 2015

Philip Argy, Andrew Christie, Adele Flego, David Goldstein, Jon Lawrence, Jo Lim, Joe Manariti, Bruce Matthews, Peter Mead, Ned O'Meara, Anthony Peake, George Pongas, Holly Raiche, Derek Whitehead, Miguel Wood

Gavin Collins, George Fong, Erhan Karabardak

Jeremy Blackman, James Deck, Brett Fenton, Dan Hunter, Nicole Murdoch


  • DW and JoL to finalise the Panel’s report to the auDA Board, based on discussion at the meeting.

1. Confirmation of 8 October minutes

The minutes were confirmed, with one amendment requested by NO, to state that he did not support the Panel’s recommendation on direct registrations.

2. Draft Final Report – discussion and sign-off by Panel

DW made some general observations about the overall Panel process, noting that there has been a strong focus on the issue of direct registrations. Straw polls taken at Panel  meetings throughout the year have indicated roughly 75-80% support for direct registrations, but many Panel members have expressed a variety of qualifications and conditions on their support.

The majority of Panel members confirmed their recommendation that .au be opened up to direct registrations. The Panel members who do not agree with the recommendation will consider submitting a minority report.

Panel members discussed the second part of their recommendation, which deals with the policy rules for direct registrations. The Panel reiterated its firm belief that the .au namespace should not be open slather, and that registrations should be restricted to Australian entities and individuals. It was agreed that the Panel’s final report should attach the table illustrating one possible method of applying open 2LD eligibility and allocation criteria to direct registrations.

Panel members discussed and overwhelmingly rejected a proposal that existing registrants who choose to register the matching .au name should be required to relinquish their 2LD name within a specified timeframe. It was felt that this proposal would be extremely unpopular and unworkable in practice.

Panel members also discussed and agreed to include in the final report a proposal that an expanded version of the Reserved List should be applied to direct registrations, to cover names of special significance or names which could give rise to consumer confusion (principally government-related names, in addition to those which are restricted under Commonwealth legislation and therefore already on the Reserved List).

The other recommendations in the report, relating to current 2LD policy rules, were confirmed. The only new issue raised was a suggestion that the domain name renewal window (currently 90 days prior to, and 30 days after, the expiry date) should be changed to reflect the changes to the domain name licence period.

As well as the more substantive issues noted above, Panel members suggested a number of amendments to the text of the report, to improve clarity of expression and more accurately convey the Panel’s views. The report will be finalised and circulated for approval on the Panel mailing list, in time to be presented to the auDA Board at its meeting on 14 December. Should a minority report be drafted, then it will be submitted along with the main Panel report.

Panel members thanked DW for his chairmanship and guidance through some complex and contentious issues. DW thanked Panel members for their cooperation and collaborative approach.