Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

This document is the Terms of Reference for the auDA Policy Advisory Panel Number 1, for Review of Policies in .au Second Level Domains.

1.    Activity and outcome

This Policy Advisory Panel is set up to review two policy areas for .au second level domains:

  • Applicant Eligibility Policy - Policy that determines which entities are eligible to apply for a domain name.
  • Name Allocation Policy - Policy that determines which names are allowed to eligible entities applying for domain names.

The Policy Advisory Panel has two stages:

  • Stage 1:    Identify and document the existing policies in a format suitable for inclusion on the auDA web site.
  • Stage 2:    Recommend changes, if any, to existing Eligibility and Allocation policies.

Prioritisation of work is at the discretion of the panel.  However, consideration should be given to prioritising existing areas of user concern, including review of policies necessary to support introduction of competition between registrars in major second level domains.  For second level domains not available to the general community (e.g. .gov.au) the panel may consider passing the documentation and review task to the authority for that second level domain.

2.    Duration

The estimated timeline for the panel is subject to change.  The current estimate is: 

Total Time

Elapsed Time




TOR Confirmed



Call for panel participants

2 weeks

2 weeks

Panel participants confirmed

4 weeks

4 weeks

First panel meeting

8 weeks

12 weeks

Develop Stage 1 Working Paper

20 weeks

3 weeks

Develop Stage 2 Working Paper

23 weeks

4 weeks

Stage 2 Draft Paper issued for public consultation

27 weeks

2 weeks

Develop Stage 2 Proposed Paper

29 weeks

1 week

Stage 2 Proposed Paper issued for public consultation

30 weeks

2 weeks

Develop Stage 2 Report

32 weeks

2 weeks

Stage 2 Report confirmed

44 weeks

12 weeks

Implementation of recommendations

3.    Chair

The panel Chair is Derek Whitehead

4.    Members

The panel should include representatives from the following areas of the community:

  • Consumers
  • General domain name users
  • Registrars
  • ISP & Web Hosting entities
  • Intellectual Property

Panel membership will be limited to 30.  auDA will issue a general invitation via the auDA members and dns discussion lists to interested parties to participate in the panel.

5.    Operations and budget

Members of the panel will determine their method of operation, subject to auDA's Advisory Panel Procedures.  auDA will provide email list server, web site including archived comments provided to the panel, documentation of work, will arrange meeting venues, and provide teleconference support for meetings.

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