The organisations listed on this page (logos displayed in random order below) are auDA accredited registrars. This means they are authorised by auDA to provide services to people who want to register a new domain name, renew their existing domain name, or make changes to their domain name record.

auDA notes that the following registrars have been officially certified as being compliant with the auDA Information Security Standard (ISS):

  • ddns 80x80
  • terrific
  • MarkMonitor Logo RGB Color
  • FabulousLogo
  • ziphosting logo1
  • netnames logo white
  • WWD high resized
  • logo
  • m21 auDA
  • nr
  • westConnect
  • yexa logo
  • infobrokers 80x80 DOM GC 2
  • auda ventraip2
  • 1315878883 logo pdr
  • 1312778067 Drop logo1
  • cheapdomains 80x80 1
  • tPPW AusRegistry logo 120x65
  • Rebel logo
  • westnet
  • netfleet
  • PlanetDomain
  • melbourneito
  • tppinternet
  • 1311919209 Logo
  • enetica
  • internetx
  • GoDaddy Logo RGB Resized
  • ws logo auda
  • zuver
  • go hosting
  • auwebaddressreg
  • 1306907151 Domaincentre
  • netlogisticso
  • csclogo
  • domainshield
  • instra

The following auDA accredited registrars are yet to complete ISS Certification.

  • smartyhost
  • OpenSRS1
  • ESALogo A Stacked RGB72dpi
  • aussiehq

Specific services and fee schedules may vary from registrar to registrar.

A plain text listing of accredited registrars is available here.

auDA has authorised Ziphosting Pty Ltd, MD Webhosting Pty Ltd, NetRegistry Pty Ltd, Planet Domain Pty Ltd, TPP Domains Pty Ltd and TPP Wholesale Pty Ltd to share registry connections for the purpose of operating the Netfleet domain catching service.

auDA has authorised Pty Ltd, Pty Ltd and Yexa Pty Ltd to share registry connections for the purpose of operating the domain catching service.

Registrar of Record

The registrar of record is the auDA-accredited registrar who is responsible for managing a particular domain name. Only the registrar of record is able to renew, modify or redelegate the domain name.

To find the registrar of record for a particular domain name, use the public WHOIS service.

Registrants are free to change their registrar of record at any time. For more information refer to auDA's Transfers Policy (2013-02).