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Results of auDA Board election 12/11/2002

At the auDA 2002 Annual General Meeting, held in Melbourne on 11 November 2002, the following people were elected to the auDA Board for a 2 year term:

auDA Panel recommends new geographic 2LDs - state/ 15/10/2002

Melbourne, 15 October 2002 - auDA's New Names Advisory Panel has recommended that auDA create eight new second level domains (2LDs) for Australian states and territories -,,,...

auDA publishes list of unallocated ‘generic’ names 01/10/2002

Melbourne, 1 October 2002 – auDA has today published the list of names that were not allocated in the generic auction process.

Internet Registry Pty Ltd (trading as NetRegister) consents to Federal Court Orders 26/09/2002

Melbourne, 26 September 2002 - Internet Registry Pty Ltd and its Director Paul Chesley Rafferty today gave undertakings to the Federal Court in the form of the interlocutory injunctions sought...

Release of unallocated generic domain names 25/09/2002

auDA has now completed the auction process for generic domain names.

auDA launches trade practices claim against Internet Registry Pty Ltd (trading as NetRegister) and its director, Chesley Rafferty 20/09/2002

Melbourne, 20 September 2002 – auDA yesterday filed Federal Court proceedings against Internet Registry Pty Ltd and its Director Paul Chesley Rafferty in respect to the ‘NetRegister’ mail out sent...

NetRegister letter contains incorrect information 09/09/2002

Registrants of domain names may have recently received a letter from “NetRegister” about Internet Name Group (ING) going out of business.

Internet Name Group – information for domain name registrants 21/08/2002

auDA has become aware that Internet Name Protection Pty Ltd, otherwise known as Internet Name Group (ING), has been placed in administration.

auDA takes action on Internet Registry Pty Ltd mail out 29/07/2002

Melbourne, 29 July 2002 – auDA has secured undertakings and corrective action from Internet Registry Pty Ltd after it sent a misleading mail out to hundreds of domain name registrants.

Internet Registry Pty Ltd Mail out contains inaccurate information 08/07/2002

auDA has become aware that a company called Internet Registry Pty Ltd (Internet Registry) is sending out incorrect information to domain name registrants.

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