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.au direct domain names – like getyour.au - are shorter, simpler domain names and are available as a new option for Australian internet users.

.au direct names are general purpose – they’re open to anyone with a verified connection to Australia who wants to create or manage an online presence for themselves or their organisation.

You must comply with the Licensing Rules when you register a name including to not use a domain name for an illegal, unlawful or fraudulent purpose. 

From 24 March 2022, existing .au domain name holders had priority to apply for a match of their existing .au domain name (e.g. getyour.com.au) in the .au direct namespace (e.g. getyour.au) under the Priority Allocation Process, which has now closed.  

.au direct domain names on priority hold that did not receive an application under the Priority Allocation Process are now available to be registered by eligible members of the general public on a first come, first-served basis.  

Find out more about registering .au direct domain names at getyour.au and via the links below.

About .au direct names

Learn about the rules for .au direct domain names.

The .au direct priority allocation process

The .au direct priority allocation process is now closed. Find out about instances where there are multiple applicants for a priority hold .au direct name.


.au direct Resources


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