The Terms of Endorsement outline the Federal Government's formal endorsement of auDA. The Terms of Endorsement require auDA to administer the .au domain in the public interest and in accordance with Australian laws, and ensure it is stable, secure and reliable.

auDA’s stakeholder ecosystem is the network of key stakeholders that auDA regularly interacts with including the registry operator, registrars, resellers, registrants, local, state, and federal government entities, education and training providers, industry bodies, auDA members a

Resellers are businesses that provide domain name registration services to the public but are not accredited registrars. Resellers do not have direct access to the registry. They register domain names through an accredited registrar.

The .au registry operator is Identity Digital Australia. Identity Digital Australia (formerly known as Afilias Australia) was appointed as the .au registry operator following a global tender process in 2017.

The .au registry is a database of all licensed domain names and associated information, such as the name and contact details of the registrant and registrar. 

Registrars are companies accredited by auDA to offer .au domain name services to the public, including registering, maintaining, and renewing domain name licences.

Online platforms and marketplaces are Internet-based services such as search engines, social media platforms and online retailers that provide goods or services from multiple suppliers on a single online platform (e.g. eBay, Alibaba, Instagram and Etsy).

An open, free, secure and global Internet is an Internet that is interoperable across borders, accessible to all without undue restrictions, and is safe, reliable and resilient.

The multi-stakeholder processes operate largely by consensus, with ideas and proposals debated on their merits. This leads to outcomes that have considered a full range of perspectives and have broad support.

The multi-stakeholder community comprises representatives from governments, industry, the technical community and civil society who all participate on an equal footing.