The auDA Board

The auDA Board consists of six appointed directors and four elected directors.

auDA Board charter

The board charter sets out the role, responsibilities, structure and processes of the auDA Board.

Board meetings and minutes

The current Board meeting calendar and published board minutes.

General Meetings

Details of meetings of the company.


Constitution of the .au Domain Administration

auDA's Terms of Endorsement

auDA's Terms of Endorsement from the Australian Government outline our core functions and the principles under which we administer the .au domain.

Nomination Committee

auDA's Nomination Committee manages the process of appointment and election of directors to auDA's Board.

Board committees

Details of the different auDA Board committees Advisory Committee (EAC)

The Advisory Committee provides advice and recommendations to the auDA board on issues related to the second level domain.

Elected Director ballots

Four of auDA's directors are elected via ballot of Associate Members.

Corporate Governance Statement 2021

Read auDA's Corporate Governance Statement.