auDA sometimes receives requests from law enforcement agencies in regards to domain name licences.

To take any action auDA must have received the request from an enforcement body or intelligence agency and believe that the action required is in the public interest.

The licensing rules define a 'public interest objective' as:

  1. the proper administration of government;
  2. the judicial system;
  3. public health and safety;
  4. national security;
  5. the prevention and detection of crime and fraud;
  6. consumer protection;
  7. the economic wellbeing of Australia;
  8. complying with Australia’s obligations under international law;
  9. the integrity, stability or security of the Domain Name System.

The enforcement body or intelligence agency making a request must provide specific information with their request and auDA can request further information before acting.

If auDA does take action in the public interest, it may do so without notifying  registrant. auDA may notify the registrar, unless the enforcement body or intelligence agency requests we don't.

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