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auDA is seeking the Australian community's input on proposed changes to the .au licensing rules and the .au Namespace Implementation Policy.

We are asking for feedback because the .au ccTLD belongs to Australia and changes to the rules for .au domains affect the Australian community.

An overview of the key policy questions being considered in this consultation.

The current .au Implementation Rules.

A summary of the feedback gathered from the face-to-face and online workshops facilitated by ThinkPlace in October and November 2019.

The .au Licensing Rules including proposed changes

auDA engaged strategic Design consultancy ThinkPlace to conduct a series of workshops in October 2019 to gather feedback on the key consultation issues. There were four face-to-face workshops (in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane) and three online sessions. All workshops were widely advertised and were open to the public to attend.

This document contains the aggregated feedback gained from these workshops.

Submission guidelines

This consultation is now closed.

Received Submissions

Throughout the consultation period, auDA sought public feedback on the key policy issues via an online survey accessible at