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The launch of .au direct on 24 March 2022 will allow people to register domain names directly before the .au (e.g. for the first time. 

As a result, auDA is seeking community feedback on reserving additional domain names at the second level (i.e. domain names that appear directly before the .au) and adding them to the Reserved Names List. This is to ensure compliance with Australian law, and protect the security, stability and integrity of the .au domain name system.

What are reserved names and the Reserved Names List?

Reserved Names are .au domain names that are not available to be registered, except in specific circumstances. For more information on reserved names see the Reserved Names information on the auDA website and section 2.6 of the .au Licensing Rules.

The Reserved Names List is the complete list of domain names reserved by auDA to prevent their misuse and enables auDA to ensure a high level of trust is maintained in the .au.  

Consultation - additional reserved names

auDA is seeking community feedback on the proposed additions to the Reserved Names List, as a result of the introduction of .au direct. 

The proposed additions to the Reserved Names List are available here:

Have your say

Consultation will be open until 5pm, Monday 31 January 2022. 

Submissions can be made to Submissions will be made public at the close of consultation.

After the close of consultation, auDA will collate submission and consider the feedback received. 

A final list of additions to the Reserved Names List will be provided to the auDA Board for approval in February 2022.  

Please note submissions will be published on the auDA website following the Board decision. 

Questions to consider

  1. Is the proposed list of reserved names appropriate? Why?
  2. Are there additional domain names that you believe should be reserved? Why?