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Under auDA’s Terms of Endorsement from the Australian Government, we are required to administer a licensing regime for .au domain names based in multi-stakeholder processes that is transparent, responsive, accountable, accessible and efficient. 

We do this by developing policies for the .au domain with a multi-stakeholder approach to provide the greatest benefit for the Australian community and by maintaining and ensuring compliance with these policies. 
Proposed administrative changes to the .au Domain Administration Rules: Licensing 

auDA is seeking the Australian community’s input on proposed administrative changes to the .au Domain Administration Rules: Licensing (.au Licensing Rules)

The changes will enhance the operation of the .au Licensing Rules by providing clarification and minor enhancements to processes under the .au Licensing Rules. 

The proposed changes are set out in full in the draft copy of the .au Licensing Rules, which has been marked up to show the original wording and the proposed changes. 


We have prepared an Explanatory Statement to accompany the proposed changes. The Explanatory Statement outlines the principles and process that apply to the review of the .au Licensing Rules, our multi-stakeholder approach to consultation and explanations of the proposed amendments. 


Have your say 

Submissions for this consultation have now closed.

All submissions will be considered as we finalise amendments to the .au Licensing Rules.  

Please note submissions will be published on the auDA website following the Board decision relating to the proposed changes.

Submissions received

Submissions for this consultation have now closed.

The following submissions were received during the consultation period.



The auDA Board has reviewed the proposed minor amendments to the .au Domain Administration Rules: Licensing .

The Board has approved the proposed amendments at their meeting on Thursday 7 December 2023 and these changes are now in effect. The changes have been published in the policies below: