Join us for an insightful online workshop providing practical tips and tools for small businesses to protect themselves online and understand their legal obligations. The webinar will be led by Alex Solo, Co-Founder of online legal services provider Sprintlaw and is tailored to small business owners and entrepreneurs.  

The workshop will cover:
•    The importance of privacy compliance: Understand why adhering to privacy laws is critical for your business’s success and reputation.
•    Business obligations and breach protocols: Learn about small business responsibilities under privacy legislation and steps to take if a data breach occurs.
•    Additional protections for your business: Explore measures and best practices that can safeguard your business from data-related issues.
•    Changes to laws that impact small business: Stay updated on the latest legal changes and how they may impact your business operations.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain the knowledge and tools essential to confidently navigate legal requirements for small businesses and support your business’s success.

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