17 November, 2020
auDA logo


Today we’re extremely excited to launch a redeveloped website showcasing auDA’s new branding.

As our key communications channel one of the key objectives for the redevelopment was for the site to be a lot more user-focused, allowing visitors to find the information they need much more easily. We think the new site offers a much-improved experience and it’s also something we’ll be looking to continually improve as we progress.

A focus on users – the Australian internet community – is also a key theme of our new visual branding. Developed by our agency BWMD, it takes inspiration from Australia’s natural environment and helps put Australia’s internet community at the heart of what we do. We’re currently in the process of rolling it our across all our different channels.

For the launch of the new site, we’ve focussed on ensuring the most-used content and functionality is available and easily findable by users. While some historical content is not yet live, we’ll be working over the next few weeks to make it available. 

We encourage you to take a look around our new website, and let us know what you’ve think or if you’ve spotted any issues we may have missed, you can send them to communications@auda.org.au.