Fact sheets

The Priority Allocation Process provides registrants who hold a .au domain name registered before the launch of .au direct on 24 March 2022, the chance to apply for the.au direct match of their existing domain name.
If you’re a parliamentarian or political candidate it’s important to understand the rules for the .au domain names you might hold.
How to direct a domain name to an existing website.
An introduction to Australia's .au domain. (Also available in a range of languages other than English).
How to change the registrar that manages your .au domain name registration.
People choose the .au domain because it is local, secure and trusted.
You can transfer your .au domain name licence to another person as long as they are eligible to hold it.
One of auDA's roles is to manage complaints about .au domain names and accredited registrars.
A .au domain name signals to people visiting your website and sending you emails that you have a connection to Australia.  
To continue using your .au domain name, it is vital that you renew it before your license expires.