Fact sheets

Many websites are not designed with accessibility in mind, excluding those with a disability from full participation in our digital society and robbing websites of potential customers or users. Improving the accessibility of your website or online application starts with a few simple actions and benefits all users.  
Domain name system (DNS) abuse mitigation is a strategic focus for auDA, ensuring .au remains secure and trusted. DNS abuse comprises five categories of online harm where domain names are used to carry out malicious activity.
The resolution of disputes between a .au domain name registrant and a party with competing rights in the .au domain name are managed under the .au Dispute Resolution Policy (auDRP). Complaints about a registrant's eligibility to hold a domain name licence under the .au Licensing Rules are managed through auDA’s separate complaints process.
.au direct is Australia’s newest domain namespace. Introduced in March 2022, it enables people to register names directly before the .au e.g. auda.au.
The Priority Allocation Process provided registrants who held a .au domain name registered before the launch of .au direct on 24 March 2022, priority to apply for the .au direct match of their existing domain name.
If you’re a parliamentarian or political candidate it’s important to understand the rules for the .au domain names you might hold.
How to direct a domain name to an existing website.
An introduction to Australia's .au domain. (Also available in a range of languages other than English).
How to change the registrar that manages your .au domain name registration.
People choose the .au domain because it is local, secure and trusted.