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The .au domain name system (the .au domain) connects internet users worldwide to websites and email services that end in .au.  

A .au domain name (such as ‘getyour.com.au’) is an important part of this system. It is a digital address that helps people find you, your business or your organisation online. It signals to people visiting your website and sending you emails that you have a connection to Australia.  

What are the benefits of a .au domain name? 

With more than 4 million .au domain names, the .au domain is an important part of Australia’s digital economy and society.  

The .au domain is:  

Validated and secure  

  • There are strict requirements that set out who can register a .au domain name. Registrants’ details are validated to ensure they have an Australian presence and, where required, an Australian registered business or organisation. 
  • .au domain names experience significantly lower levels of domain abuse than the global average. 

Trusted and reliable  

  • Every time you type a .au domain name into an internet search bar or send an email to an address ending in .au the .au domain quickly and accurately connects you to what you are looking for. 
  • Businesses with com.au domain names are almost twice as likely to have their website associated as trustworthy and secure than businesses with other common commercial domain names. 


  • Internet users recognise that .au domain names are Australian. This helps internet users connect with and support Australian businesses and organisations when shopping or engaging online. 
  • Local .au domain names help websites rank higher in internet search results, allowing internet users and customers to find your website more easily. 

Am I eligible to register a .au domain name?  

To register a .au domain name you must have a validated Australian presence, for example, evidence that you are a citizen or permanent resident of Australia or an organisation registered in Australia. The full definition of an Australian presence can be found at Section 1.4 of the .au Licensing Rules.  

Each type of .au domain name (namespace) also has specific rules about who can register a name in the namespace.  

.au namespace Who can register in this namespace?

Commercial entities registered to undertake business in Australia, including sole traders, trusts, incorporated associations, and companies that all typically have an ABN or ACN.



Organisations registered as not-for-profit legal entities in Australia, including companies limited by guarantee, incorporated associations and registered charities. 



Individuals who are Australian citizens or permanent residents.



Not-for-profit legal entities and unincorporated associations. 



Australian government recognised education or training entities, including early childhood learning, schools, universities and registered training organisations.  



An organisation established as a government department or agency, a local government entity or other defined government body. 


State and Territory namespaces (e.g. act.au, nsw.au, tas.au)  

Registered, not-for-profit organisations acting on behalf of a local community in the locality the name relates to (e.g. apollobay.vic.au), or peak State or Territory bodies. 


.au direct

People with a validated Australian presence.  

.au direct is Australia’s newest namespace and allows people to register a name directly before the .au (e.g. getyour.au) for the first time from 24 March 2022.


The full list of eligibility requirements can be found in the .au Licensing Rules.  

How can I register a .au domain? 

To register a .au domain name:  

  • Check WHOIS to see if the domain name you would like to register is available 
  • Check the .au Licensing Rules to determine whether you are eligible to register the domain name you have chosen 
  • Select an auDA accredited registrar to register your domain name with. Please note that auDA does not set domain name prices and prices vary between registrars.  

Once you have registered your domain name, ensure you keep your .au domain name registration details up-to-date so you receive information from your registrar, such as renewal notices. 

Who administers the .au domain? 

The .au Domain Administration (auDA) administers the rules for the .au domain, which are developed through engagement and consultation with the Australian public. It is a not-for-profit organisation, endorsed by the Australian Government to make sure the .au domain remains a reliable, secure and trusted domain name for all Internet users. It provides accreditation to registrars, which provide .au domain name services to the public.  

To stay up to date with the latest information about auDA and the .au domain, become a .au member.


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