One of auDA's roles is to handle complaints relating to .au domain names and the domain industry (registrars and resellers).

We can not investigate complaints relating to website hosting, website management, email, website content, phishing, spam or any domain name not in the .au country code Top Level Domain.

Types of complaints auDA can investigate

There are two types of complaints that can be submitted to auDA, domain name complaints, and industry complaints.

Domain complaints

Domain name complaints include complaints about:

  • registrant eligibility, including the “close and substantial connection” rule and domain monetisation;
  • prohibited misspellings;
  • the Reserved List;
  • registering a domain name for the sole purpose of sale;
  • correct “ownership” of a domain name;
  • transfers (change of registrant); and
  • breaches of the domain name licence terms and conditions, or any auDA Published Policy.

Lodging a domain name complaint

Complaints about whether a registrant is eligible to hold a particular .au domain name must be directed to the registrar of record for that domain name. This applies to issues such as:

  • invalid registrant details displayed on WHOIS
  • a name registered to a deregistered company, a removed business name or cancelled ABN.

For these issues, the registrar will then follow a procedure outlined in the Complaints (Registrant Eligibility) Policy.

Other domain name complaints can be submitted directly to auDA. We will work to resolve the issue within 30 days.

If a domain complaint is upheld auDA may request the registrant or registrar fix the policy breach, or request the registrar of record to delete the domain name.

Where a complaint is upheld, the domain name will not be transferred to the person who submitted the complaint.

If you are trying to gain control of a domain name, we recommend you lodge a complaint under the .au DRP policy or take legal action against the registrant.

If you're unhappy with a decision taken by auDA in investigating a valid complaint you can request an external review by the Registrant Review Panel.

Industry complaints

Industry complaints include complaints about:

  • domain name registration and domain name management services of an auDA accredited registrar or their reseller;
  • transfers (change of registrar of record); and
  • breaches of the Registrar Agreement, .au Domain Name Suppliers’ Code of Practice, or any auDA Published Policy.

Lodging an industry complaint

Before you can submit an industry complaint to auDA, you must first attempt to resolve the issue with the registrar or reseller involved and give them an appropriate amount of time to resolve the issue. auDA will not investigate an industry complaint that has not first been taken to the registrant or reseller.

Make sure you keep any relevant supporting documents and correspondence with the registrar regarding the complaint, as these will help auDA investigate your issue.

Once submitted to auDA, we will work to resolve your issue within 30 days.

If the complaint is upheld, auDA can instruct the registrar to rectify the issue.

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