It is not uncommon for people to register multiple domain names using different registration details (eg. some in their company name and some in their personal name), or through different registrars or resellers. Another common scenario is where different employees or agents register multiple domain names for a company. In these circumstances it can be difficult for registrants to consolidate their entire domain name portfolio.

Registrants who wish to check what .au domain names have been registered using their details (eg. company or business name, ACN or ABN), across all auDA accredited registrars, may lodge the Registry Search Request form.

The search request service enables an individual or organisation to obtain a list of all .au domain names that are currently registered in their name or using their details. The form may only be submitted by the individual themselves, or in the case of an organisation, by its authorised representative. Proof of identity and/or authorisation must be provided when submitting the form.

Search results will be provided in electronic format to the person who submitted the form. auDA will endeavour to provide the search results in a timely fashion, but processing time will depend on the nature of the request.



Category: Managing your .au domain name