You can transfer your domain licence to another person at any time during the licence period.

To transfer your .au domain name to another registrant you must be eligible to hold the name, as does the person you are transferring it to.

You can initiate a transfer, sometimes referred to as a ‘change of registrant’, via your registrar’s website and you’ll need to provide your domain’s authorisation code to approve the transfer. You may also need to pay a ‘change or registrant’ fee which is set by the registrar

The person to whom the name is being transferred to will enter into a new licence agreement and will need to pay the applicable licence fee. Any remaining time in a licence period does not transfer to the new registrant.

When a transfer between registrants is initiated, the registrar must make sure both the original and new registrants are eligible to hold the licence and perform the transfer within two calendar days of the request.

If your domain name licence is being transferred as part of a contract or agreement - for example, as part of the sale of a business – you must transfer the licence within 28 days of the contract or agreement being entered into, unless the agreement specifies otherwise.

Category: Managing your .au domain name