A .au domain name (such as ‘’) is an important digital asset that helps people find you, your business or your organisation online and signals to people that you have a connection to Australia. In some instances, you may wish to change the registrar that manages your domain name registration.

Can I transfer my .au domain name licence to another registrar?

Yes. You can transfer a domain name licence to a different registrar provided:

  • You are eligible to hold the licence at the date of the transfer
  • You request the transfer in writing to your new registrar
  • You provide a valid transfer authorisation code to your proposed new registrar
  • Your licence is not subject to any complaint process under auDA rules, dispute resolution or court proceedings.

Which registrars can I transfer my .au domain name licence to?

You can transfer your domain name licence to any auDA accredited registrar. Prices and levels of service vary between registrars. 

Is there a fee for transferring a .au domain name between registrars?

No. You are not required to pay a fee for the transfer of a .au domain name licence between registrars.

How do I request a change of registrar?

Contact your proposed new registrar to request a change of the registrar of record. The proposed new registrar will ask you to provide a valid transfer authorisation code for the licence. This code may also be known as your domain name password.

This code will generally be different to the password you use to access your account with your current registrar or their reseller.

To access your transfer authorisation code you can:

  • Request the code from your current registrar in writing. The current registrar will provide the transfer authorisation code to the registrant email address listed in the registry. You can check your registered contact email on the WHOIS tool.
  • Use the .au domain password recovery tool.

For information about transferring a licence to another registrant, see 'Transferring a .au domain name licence to another person'.

Where can I find more information?  

To stay up to date with the latest information about auDA and the .au domain, become a .au member.

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