The .au direct Priority Allocation Period ran from 24 March 2022 to 20 September 2022 and provided registrants who held a .au domain name registered before the launch of .au direct on 24 March 2022, priority to apply for the .au direct match of their existing domain name. For example, the existing registrant of had the opportunity to register through the Priority Allocation Process, if they wished to do so.

Can I still make a Priority Allocation application? 

No. The Priority Allocation Period concluded on 20 September 2022. New priority applications cannot be accepted. 

Multiple applications for a .au direct name during the Priority Allocation Period

If two parties applied for priority for the same .au direct domain name (e.g. the registrant who holds and another registrant who holds both seek to register, the domain name is referred to as a contested name.

The contested name will remain on priority hold until the applicants come to an agreement as to who will be allocated the name. 

You can use the Priority Status Tool to see if there are any active priority applications associated with a contested .au direct domain name.  

How can I resolve a contested .au direct domain name that remains on priority hold? 

Where a contested domain name remains on priority hold, applicants are required to negotiate between themselves to determine who will be allocated the .au direct domain name. An arbitration or moderation service may assist with the negotiation.

Applicants can contact each other via publicly available registrant email address information, which can be found in the WHOIS database. If you have trouble reaching another registrant, contact your registrar for assistance.  

If the name I seek is contested and on priority hold, do I need to renew my application annually? 

Yes, if you wish for your application to remain on-going or until competing applicants withdraw their applications. If you do not renew your application or remain eligible to hold the application, it will lapse.

Annual renewal indicates your continued interest in the contested .au direct domain name. 

Eligibility will be validated at the time of renewal. An annual renewal fee is applicable to support the validation process. 

How do I renew my priority application? 

All priority applications will renew annually on 20 September (UTC). Priority applications made during the Priority Allocation Period (24 March to 20 September 2022) are valid until 20 Sept 2023 (UTC).

You will be contacted by your registrar to renew your priority application in the 90-day period prior to 20 September (UTC). As part of the renewal, your registrar will carry out validation to ensure you are still eligible for the .au direct domain name subject to the priority application.

If you do not renew your priority application by 20 September (UTC) with your registrar or their reseller, the application will be withdrawn from the priority process. You will no longer be in contention to register the .au direct domain name. When there is only one active application, the .au direct domain name will be allocated to the remaining applicant.

What happens to the .au direct domain names that did not receive a priority application during the Priority Allocation Period? 

These names have been released from priority hold and are available for registration by eligible members of the general public.   

Where can I find additional information?

For more information on .au direct names you can contact your existing registrar or any participating registrar. You can also contact auDA by submitting an enquiry.

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