There currently are two versions of the .au licensing rules in effect:

  • The .au Domain Administration (auDA) Rules
  • The legacy published policies

Which rules apply to my domain name?

Which version of the rules apply to your .au domain name depends on when your current licence period began.

You can use this tool to find out which version of the .au rules apply to a .au domain name.

Licensing version tool

The tool will tell you whether your .au domain name is subject the auDA Rules or the legacy published policies based on when its current licence period began.

  • .auDA Rules: Current licence period commenced after 10:00 AEST, 12 April 2021
  • Legacy (or 'Other') published policies: Current licence period commenced before 10:00 AEST, 12 April 2021

Why are there two sets of rules?

The rules that are in place when a .au domain name’s licence period begins apply for the entire of the licence period. If a name is renewed or transferred, the rules in place when the new licence period begins will apply. 

On 12 April 2021, the .au Domain Administration Rules came into effect and apply to all names created, renewed, or transferred after that date.

Names that were in the registry before 12 April are subject to the legacy published policies that were in place when their licence period began, but only for the remainder of the current licence period. Once these names are renewed they will be subject to the auDA Rules.

It’s important to note that while you can renew your name up to 90 days before the licence period expires, the new licence period only begins once the current one ends, not when your registrar processes it.

Why is it important I know which rules apply to my name?

There are differences in the two versions of rules – particularly around the complaints process and the eligibility and allocation rules.

You can find out about the changes here: The new .au licensing rules

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