A .au domain name (such as ‘’) is an important digital asset that helps people find you, your business or your organisation online and signals to people visiting your website and sending you emails that you have a connection to Australia.

Why choose a .au domain name? 

There are more than 4 million .au domain names relied upon by billions of people around the world, with the .au domain servers receiving more than three billion online queries per day from people connecting to Australian .au websites and email addresses.  

People choose the .au domain because it is:  


  • Internet users recognise that .au domain names are local and trusted, helping Australians support local business when shopping online, or supporting local not-for-profit organisations when making donations online.
  • Local .au domain names help websites rank higher in internet search results for internet users in Australia, allowing Australian customers to find your website more easily.

Trusted and reliable  

  • Businesses with domain names are almost twice as likely to have their website associated as trustworthy and secure than businesses with other common commercial domain names
  • Every time you type a .au domain name into an internet search bar or send an email to an address ending in .au, the .au domain quickly and accurately connects you to what you are looking for.

Secure and validated

  • There are strict requirements that set out who can register a .au domain name, which are validated to ensure the person operating a .au domain has an Australian presence, and, where required, has an Australian registered business or organisation
  • Selected registration data is publicly available on the WHOIS tool allowing people to check who has licensed a .au domain name
  • As a result, .au domain names experience significantly lower levels of domain abuse such as phishing or malware than the global average.

How do I choose the right .au domain name? 

The right domain name can help create a strong online presence. To choose a domain name for your website or email service, consider names that are short, memorable and clearly describe you or your organisation.  

Read the .au Licensing Rules to confirm that you are eligible to register the domain name you have chosen. Then check the WHOIS to see if the domain name you would like to register is available. 

Once you have decided on an available .au domain name, you will need to select a registrar to register your domain name with. See a list of auDA accredited registrars.

Where can I find more information?  

To stay up to date with the latest information about auDA and the .au domain, become a .au member.

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