30 March, 2023

Leaders of Tech Q&A: eSafety Comissioner Julie Inman Grant on keeping Australians safe online

With a constant stream of emerging digital tech, protecting the safety of Australians online is a mounting challenge. Read our latest Leaders of Tech interview with eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant who takes us through how the regulator is tackling these hurdles, including the importance of a proactive and systemic approach. 
24 November, 2022

Leaders of tech Q&A: Communications Minister Michelle Rowland on the protection of a secure internet for all Australians

In the latest edition of our Leaders of tech Q&A, we hear from Minister for Communications the Hon Michelle Rowland MP. Minister Rowland shares her insights on the criticality of the domain name system (DNS) to Australia, government reform in response to recent high profile cyberattack, and the importance of Australia’s re-election to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).
18 October, 2022

Leaders of Tech Q&A - Byron Holland on maintaining a trusted internet locally and globally

We recently had the privilege of interviewing Byron Holland, President and CEO of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), auDA’s Canadian counterpart. Byron shared his thoughts on CIRA’s latest innovations, the importance of multi-stakeholder internet governance model and building a trusted internet.
9 June, 2022

Leaders of tech Q&A: Sunita Bose on advocating for a thriving digital economy

We are delighted to feature Sunita Bose, Managing Director of Digital Industry Group Incorporated (DIGI), as our latest Leader of Tech. Sunita speaks to us about the growth of Australia’s tech sector and the importance of modernising tech laws to support Australia’s digital economy, as well how DIGI is advocating to shape a safer online landscape for all Australians.
10 March, 2022

Leaders of tech Q&A: The Hon Paul Fletcher MP on supporting Australians to harness the full potential of the Internet

In the latest Leaders of Tech Q&A, we speak to The Hon Paul Fletcher, Minister for Communications, Urban Infrastructure, Cities and the Arts. Minister Fletcher discusses online safety, the importance of the DNS and multi-stakeholder Internet governance, and helping Australians harness the full potential of the Internet.  
14 December, 2021

Leaders of tech Q&A: Johanna Weaver on maturing the tech policy ecosystem to benefit society

In the latest Leaders of Tech Q&A, we speak to Johanna Weaver, Director of the Tech Policy Design Centre at the Australian National University. Johanna discusses the importance of technology that makes our lives easier and better, and how the Tech Design Policy Centre is disrupting the way tech policy is designed to keep pace with innovation.
27 October, 2021

Leaders of tech Q&A: Rachael Falk on boosting Australia’s cyber security capacity and capability

In our latest instalment of the Leaders of Tech Q&A series, we speak to Rachael Falk, CEO of the Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre (CSCRC). Rachael takes us through the CSCRC’s top priorities, cyber security going mainstream and keeping pace with the evolving cyber threat landscape.
8 October, 2021

Leaders of tech Q&A: Graeme Bunton on driving down DNS abuse

In our latest instalment of the Leaders of Tech Q&A series, we speak to Director of the DNS Abuse Institute, Graeme Bunton. Graeme tells us about the energy he gets from working in the Internet sector and trying to understand its impact on our lives, and why a collective response to DNS abuse is vital to improving Internet security.