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Internet governance is once again at an inflection point.

The rapid growth of the internet has led to new challenges and opportunities. Join our webinar where we will discuss these issues and launch auDA's Internet Governance Roadmap, part of our contribution to the dialogue.

auDA's Internet Governance and Policy Director, Jordan Carter, and Specialist Policy Adviser, Annaliese Williams, presented the Roadmap and stakeholders asked questions and shared their thoughts and observations.

About the Roadmap

The roadmap outlines auDA's analysis of the current state of multistakeholder internet governance, the challenges it faces, and proposed action in four areas to improve it:

  • Shared principles to shape internet governance
  • Broader cooperation and participation
  • New goals to set direction
  • Stepping up leadership from the technical community

auDA will launch the Roadmap on Wednesday 16 August and publish it on the auDA website.