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Join us for an evening of insightful discussion and networking at our upcoming panel event 'The Evolution of Innovation: Opportunities and Challenges in the Digital Age'.

Hosted by auDA in partnership with Women in Innovation Adelaide, this event promises to be a thought-provoking exploration of the rapidly changing landscape of innovation in the digital era.

In this panel discussion, we'll explore three pivotal themes that are reshaping the technology landscape:

  • Harnessing digital disruption for business success: In an era of constant technological evolution, staying ahead is crucial. Our panel will explore strategies and insights that empower businesses to not only adapt to digital disruption but thrive because of it. 
  • The role of government in shaping the digital future: Governments around the world are increasingly influencing the technology landscape through policies and regulations and understanding this role is vital for technology professionals. 
  • Empowering consumers in the digital era: We’ll ask our panel to consider the ethical and practical aspects of ensuring digital technologies empower and protect consumers, making technology a force for good.

Whether you're already part of the technology sector, or aspire to be, this event is your opportunity to join the discussion, gain valuable insights and network with like-minded professionals.

Meet the panelists:

Dr Jana Schmitz

Jana is auDA’s Policy Advisor for domestic internet and technology policy. In this role she analyses and monitors policy developments and responds to consultations relevant to the Domain Name System (DNS) and on behalf of the broader internet community. Before joining auDA, Jana was CPA Australia’s Digital Economy Policy Lead, covering technology policy matters affecting the finance profession. Jana has several business degrees including a PhD from RMIT University.

Dr Tim Mahlberg

With a curiosity for people and culture, a passion for community, and a dedication to creating impact, Tim has had a diverse career spanning large organisations, non-profit, higher education, startups, and service industries. Qualified as an organisational psychologist, he’s been developing individuals and organisations for nearly 20 years. He has a doctorate from The University of Sydney which explored new ways of working with purpose to drive innovation in large institutions. At Stone & Chalk, Tim is the Director of Ecosystems for South Australia, where he supports the end-to-end journey for startup founders and is working to grow the innovation ecosystem in South Australia. 

Merrily Hunter

Merrily is the Founder and CEO of MAC Trade Services, an energy services business in Rose Park, SA. Merrily started her company MAC Energy Efficiency Group (now known as MAC Trade Services) in 2014, after taking a redundancy from AGL and setting up a consulting business (of 1), at the time, her goal was to share her knowledge and help train the tradespeople and businesses on energy efficiency policy and how to deliver quality installations of new energy technology. Over the last 10 years MAC has grown from a start up, to now one of the largest green energy service providers in South Australia, delivering electrification upgrades to more than 5000 homes and businesses each year and designing, installing and commissioning some of the largest solar and battery systems on the Grid. 

Don't miss this chance to be part of the conversation on the future of innovation in the digital age.


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