4th Annual Australian Internet Governance Community Forum 

auDA is pleased to again sponsor NetThing, Australia’s Internet Governance Community Forum, that will officially be taking place online on Thursday 27 and Friday 28 October 2022.  
NetThing is an annual event bringing together a diverse multidisciplinary community for the discussion of issues pertaining to the Internet in Australia. It is an open, inclusive platform for the exploration of Australian technology policy issues, aiming to mobilise the community to collaborate on solutions.  
In conjunction with an online program, NetThing 2022 will introduce new localised, face-to-face social gatherings around the country.  

Theme & Topics 
The overarching theme for this year’s NetThing Forum is ‘More resilient together,’ representing the connection between us as individuals and the resilience we have as a whole.  
NetThing is an open platform for the discussion and exploration of internet governance and technology. However, to create an engaging and cohesive event, we have chosen four topics which will guide the development of the program.   

  • Trust & Security 

  • Internet for a resilient world 

  • Inclusion and accessibility 

  • Economic growth and development