Submit a Domain Complaint

Please use this form to lodge a formal complaint about a .au domain name.

Complaints regarding a domain name may include:

More information about lodging a domain complaint can be found in the blog piece "How Do I Lodge a Domain Complaint with auDA?"

Please Note:

auDA will not accept your complaint unless you provide valid contact details. All personal information provided to auDA is handled in accordance with auDA's Privacy Policy.

Complaints about out of date business information associated with a .au domain name must be made with the registrar of record first. Please refer to the Complaints (Registrant Eligibility) Policy for information about the process. auDA will only handle escalations and will require proof from the complainant that initial contact had been made with the registrar of record.

auDA will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 5-10 business days.

If your complaint is accepted, auDA will endeavour to conclude the investigation of your complaint within 30 days. auDA will contact you if further information is required or if the investigation is likely to exceed 30 days.

A successful eligibility complaint will not result in the handover of the domain name to you, the domain name is deleted.

Trade mark complaints are not handled by this office, please refer to the .au Dispute Resolution Policy page for information about the domain name arbitration process.

See auDA's Complaints Policy for more information.

Domain Complaint Form