5 April, 2023

The .au Domain Administration (auDA) is delighted to announce it will host the 2023 Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) in Brisbane at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from 29-31 August 2023.

The three-day forum is an annual event on the internet governance calendar that brings together representatives from the Asia Pacific internet community. It facilitates discussion and collaboration on how the internet is governed and how best to advance the internet in the region. The event will be a hybrid format to allow for in-person and remote participation.

In 2023, the APrIGF will focus on emerging technologies and drive discussions on whether the Asia Pacific is ready for the next phase of the internet. Additionally, the forum will support regional contributions to the 2023 global Internet Governance Forum (IGF), convened by the United Nations in October, in Kyoto, Japan.

auDA CEO, Rosemary Sinclair AM said, “auDA is proud to bring the APrIGF event to Brisbane in 2023. Sustaining and supporting the multi-stakeholder model of internet governance is a strategic priority for auDA. We recognise it is a shared interest with the Australian internet community and we welcome their active participation in the forum. 

“The Brisbane APrIGF will also strengthen connections between Australian and Asia Pacific multi-stakeholder communities, growing our capabilities and strengthening internet governance in the region. 

“We look forward to working with the APrIGF Multi-Stakeholder Steering Group and Secretariat, supported by dotAsia, to facilitate robust, essential and productive discussion on internet governance in the region.”

Information on the program, registration, fellowship applications, community session suggestions and associated events to take place alongside APrIGF will be made available in the lead up to the forum and will be published on the official 2023 APrIGF website: aprigf.au.



The 2023 APrIGF is expected to attract hundreds of delegates from the multi-stakeholder internet community across the Asia Pacific region, including government officials, civil society representatives, industry leaders, technical experts and academics. The event will be a hybrid format, allowing both virtual and in-person participation.

Registration for the forum is free and fellowship opportunities to support attendees will be available. The program will include a range of sessions, workshops and roundtables, as well as opportunities for networking and collaboration.

More background on the history of APrIGF can be found here

The multi-stakeholder model underpins an open, free, secure and globally interoperable internet. Advocating and actively participating in multi-stakeholder internet governance processes domestically and internationally is a core function of auDA, as outlined in auDA's Terms of Endorsement from the Australian Government.