15 November, 2023

At this evening’s 2023 Annual General Meeting, the result of the Elected Director Ballot, as voted by auDA members, was announced. auDA is pleased to confirm the election of Peter Elford to the auDA Board. 

Peter has served on the auDA Board since 2019 and is the current Chair of the Board’s Security and Risk Committee and a member of the Public Benefit Committee.  

auDA Chair, Alan Cameron AO said, “Peter contributes to auDA his strong technical expertise and significant experience in the internet industry. On behalf of the auDA Board of Directors, I congratulate Peter on his election. My colleagues and I look forward to continuing to work with him and building greater trust and confidence in .au.”  

On 12 October 2023, auDA announced Tara Commerford and Thu-Trang Tran were appointed as Appointed Directors to the auDA Board. Tara and Thu-Trang, along with Peter, commence their terms today.   

Tara, Thu-Trang and Peter will join Independent Chair, Alan Cameron AO, and fellow Directors Sandra Davey, Sandra Hook, Alice McCleary, Angelo Giuffrida, Wendy Thorpe and Mike Trovato whose terms are continuing.   

As announced on 12 October 2023, auDA is farewelling outgoing Director Jackie Korhonen. Jackie concludes her term on the auDA Board today. auDA thanks her for her significant contributions to auDA. 

Outcome of 2023 Annual General Meeting Item 5  

During auDA’s 2023 Annual General Meeting, a vote was held on a resolution to increase aggregate limit of directors’ remuneration.  

The outcome was to increase the maximum aggregate to $690,000 inclusive of Superannuation Guarantee.  

The resolution will take effect from 1 July 2024. 



Note to media: 

The auDA Constitution requires that the Board consist of five Independent Directors, four Elected Directors, and one Independent Chairperson. The Constitution can be found on the auDA website.  

Alan Cameron AO was reappointed as an Appointed Director and the Independent Chair of the auDA Board for a three-year term from 16 February 2022.  

Sandra Davey, Sandra Hook and Alice McCleary are continuing Appointed Directors. Angelo Giuffrida, Wendy Thorpe and Mike Trovato are continuing Elected Directors. Their current terms commenced on 16 November 2022.  

The voting process for the 2023 Elected Directors was managed independently of auDA by Link Market Services. The process enabled auDA members to cast their vote electronically to elect candidates to fill one Elected Director position on the auDA Board. The ballot opened on 19 October 2023, and closed on at 5pm 13 November 2023 AEDT, after which votes were tallied by Link Market Services.   

The aggregate director remuneration was last set in 2019. Following an independent review of director remuneration in 2022, the Board considered an increase to the maximum aggregate limit to be appropriate. In reaching this view, the Board considered a range of factors including the skills and, responsibilities of directors and adequate remuneration to reward, incentivise and encourage skilled directors to join auDA's Board. 

Additional information about the auDA Board is available on the auDA website.