Managing your .au domain name

There are two versions of the .au licensing rules in effect. Which one applies to your .au domain name depends on when the current licence period began.
The drop list is the list of domain names set to be deleted from the .au registry and made available to register by the general public.
If a domain name is not renewed it enters the expiry cycle and is deleted after 30 days.
Registrars and resellers can both help you register a domain name, but only accredited registrars can access registry data.
A domain name's creation date isn't displayed in the public WHOIS data, here's how to find it.
Keeping your contact data up to date or correcting your registrant information can be done via your registrar.

A ‘registrant transfer’ occurs when one registrant transfers their domain name to another eligible entity.

You can request a registry search to see what .au domain names have been registered using your details.
The WHOIS service allows you to query a domain name to find the identity and contact details of the registrant.

You can find your registrar via the WHOIS service and looking at the information in the 'Registrar Name' field.

This will show the details for names in the following namespaces: