.au direct is Australia’s newest domain namespace. Introduced in March 2022, it enables people to register names directly before the .au e.g.

Why register a .au direct domain name?

.au direct is a popular choice amongst .au domain name holders (registrants) and is the second largest .au namespace following It provides: 

  • Greater choice of trusted, distinctly Australian domain names  
  • Access to shorter, simpler website and email addresses 
  • Domain names that are easier to type and display on mobile devices 
  • A great option for new business ideas, marketing campaigns, one-off events, and personalised websites and email address.   

Who can register a .au direct domain name?

Anyone with an Australian presence is eligible to register a .au direct domain name. This includes registered businesses, organisations, Australian citizens, residents and trademark holders. The full definition of an Australian presence can be found in the .au Licensing Rules

Those registering for a .au domain name must provide evidence of their Australian presence, which will be validated by an auDA accredited registrar. 

How can I register a .au direct domain name?

Prices and levels of service vary between registrars. A list of auDA accredited registrars is available on the auDA website

Once registered, ensure you keep your details up-to-date so you do not miss information or renewal notices from your registrar. 

I have an existing .au domain name (e.g. in Do I need to register the matching .au direct domain name?  

No. .au direct is entirely optional. It complements other .au namespaces such as,, etc. and provides additional choice of trusted Australian domain names.  

Your existing name in the .au domain will continue to operate as it does today provided you keep your registration up-to-date. 

I submitted a priority application for a .au direct domain name that is contested. Where can I find more information?

More information about contested .au direct domain names is available in the Priority Allocation fact sheet.

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