The namespace is for Australian individuals or residents.

There are rules around who can register names (eligibility) and what names they choose (allocation).  These rules help ensure that the namespace remains trusted and Australian.

If you already hold or are intending to register a name in the namespace it’s very important you are aware of and understand these rules as you are required to meet eligibility and allocation requirements for your name throughout its entire licence period not just at the time of registration. If you don’t meet the requirements for your name, you risk having it suspended or deleted if a complaint is raised. 

The eligibility and allocation rules for names can be found at 2.4.8 of the .au Domain Administration Rules: Licensing.

Note: If your current licence period began before 12 April 2021, your or name is subject to the legacy Published Policies. You can use this tool to find out.

Eligibility – who can register names

To be eligible for an name the registrant must have an Australian presence and be a natural person – that means an individual person, not a company or organisation.

Allocation – what name you can choose

Allocation rules define how a name needs to relate to the registrant.

The name you choose must be:
(a) a match to a Person’s legal name, first name or family name;
(b) an acronym or abbreviation of the Person’s legal name, first name or family name; or
(c) a nickname of the Person.    

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