Business and Consumer Tips 1.3: The Importance of Backing Up 12/12/2017

Imagine this: your computer has just crashed, turned off with no explanation. You turn it back on only to discover your operating system won’t boot — perhaps the hard drive...

Business and Consumer Tips - 1.2 Gone Phishing 11/07/2017

Operating online can open up a world of opportunities for businesses and individuals. But it can also open up users to a world of risk.

Root Zone KSK Rollover 08/05/2017

One of the internet’s most vital pieces of security infrastructure will soon be updated for the first time: ICANN is changing the Root Zone Key Signing Key (KSK), a cryptographic...

Business and Consumer Tips - 1.1 Incidents: When Disaster Strikes, Be Prepared 19/04/2017

The recent incident suffered with one of our registrars was a timely reminder that things can go wrong in the digital world.

Happy New Year from the CEO at auDA 16/01/2017

To our members: On behalf of the auDA staff and executive team, I’d like to welcome everyone back with fresh enthusiasm for 2017.

auDA's commitment to policy and compliance - part two 07/10/2016

Following our recently published announcement ‘auDA’s commitment to policy and compliance’ our CEO Cameron Boardman stated “The swift work of our team and the good relationships we have built with our Registrars,...

The finishing touches to an incredible 2016 auIGF list of speakers 05/10/2016

With the 2016 auIGF less than a week away, we have some great news to share.

auDA’s commitment to policy and compliance 20/09/2016

As the policy authority and industry self-regulatory body for .au Domain Name System (DNS), .au Domain Administration (auDA) takes very seriously its responsibility to the Australian Internet community.

How do the ANZIAs reflect auDA’s stakeholder engagement commitment? 02/06/2016

The Australia & New Zealand Internet Awards (ANZIAs) are an important part of auDA’s broader commitment to community programs.

Recognition of the urgent need to address the current state of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health in Australia 13/05/2016

The final in our blog series showcasing 2015 ANZIA winners (Internet award). Under the Diversity award category we interviewed Andrew Gosbell, Deputy CEO - Australasian College for Emergency Medicine on the...

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